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Das neu gestaltete Boox Note Air 2 ist das gerade vorgestellte Onyx 10.3 '' E Ink-Tablet, das das Frontlicht mit CTM, aktualisierten Octa-Core-Prozessoren und Android 11 verwendet. Note Air bietet Ihnen professionelle Lese-, Notizen- und Zeichenfunktionen bereit für reibungslose, ausgezeichnete Erlebnisse.


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Boox Pen2 Pro Stylus (Magnetisch & Radierer)
Boox Pen2 Pro Stylus (Magnetisch & Radierer)
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Smart Cover für Note Air Serie
Smart Cover für Note Air Serie
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Wacom Stylus für Note Air
Wacom Stylus für Note Air
38,00 €
Onyx Boox Stift ( triangle, eraser)
Onyx Boox Stift ( triangle, eraser)
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BOOX Wacom Stiftspitzen
BOOX Wacom Stiftspitzen
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Boox Pen2 Pro Stylus (Magnetisch & Radierer)
Boox Pen2 Pro Stylus (Magnetisch & Radierer)
67,00 €

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14 Tage Rückgaberecht für EU Verbraucher (siehe unsere AGBs)

10,3 "HD EINK (E-Paper) Carta-Bildschirm mit flacher Überlinse 1872 x 1404 (227 dpi) mit flächenbündiger Glasfront und Frontlicht mit CTM

Qualcomm Octa-Core 2,4 GHz

Android 11.0

ROM 64G UFS2.1

Wacom Stylus Touch BOOX Pen Plus

Kapazitive Berührung (Finger Touch)

2,4 GHz & 5 GHz WIFI

Bluetooth 5.0





Batterie 3000 mAh

Länge: 229,4 mm
Breite: 195,4 mm
Dicke: 5,8 mm
Gewicht: 420 g

Achtung! Displayschutz zur Verbesserung des Schreibgefühls und zur Erhöhung des Kratzschutzes ist werkseitig angebracht. Bitte nicht entfernen! Es gibt keine Ersatz-Displayschutzfolien.

Im Lieferumfang enthalten (Standard): Aufbewahrungsbox, Onyx Boox Note Air2, Boox Pen Plus Stift, USB-C-Kabel, Kurzanleitung (Engl.), Garantieblatt

Note Air2


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Nov 12, 2021
First Impressions
My Note Air 2 arrived on November 11. Considering that it left eReader Store on the 9th and arrived here in the USA on the 11th, that alone is impressive. Kudos to eReader Store for shipping promptly and to UPS for prompt delivery! The device was well-packed and arrived in excellent condition.

I have owned a number of eInk devices before. I still have an Onyx Boox Nova 2, which has served me well. I bought the Note Air 2 for its larger screen size (to make reading pdfs easier) and its greater storage capacity (64GB). I hoped that I would fine that the Note Air 2 is not too heavy for extended reading times. The writing function is not as important to me, though it is very useful. The ability to install third party Android apps - mainly apps that focus on reading - was also important to me. That's where I'm coming from in ordering this device and writing this review.

In the packaging, Onyx appears to have taken cues from Apple - which is not a bad thing. As I open the box and pull things out, the packaging itself suggests that this is a quality device. The quick start guide is too brief, but there is a manual pre-installed on the device.

The Note Air 2 feels like a well-built, high-quality device. It boots up reasonably quickly. The front light can be easily adjusted to provide the right blend of "warm" and "cool" to suit your taste. The light seems even. Contrast with the light on is very good. Google Play requires a few steps to set up, but this is not complicated. The Note Air 2 feels heavier than the Nova 2 (of course) but it isn't as heavy as one might suppose. The weight does not present a problem for reading. Indeed, a book of this size would weigh more!

Onyx has improved their NeoReader app steadily over the last few years. This work has paid off. It does an excellent job with pdfs. It is equally good with ePubs and nearly as good with azw3's and mobi's. Some people may still prefer a third party reader app, but the NeoReader does quite well.

This is my first eInk device with speakers. If you use them for music, you will not mistake them for Bose - but, for audiobooks, they do a good job.

The pen/stylus feels comfortable to hold. The writing experience does feel similar to paper. I see very little lag. I have not tried third party apps like OneNote yet.

Most third party apps work as expected. I have tried the Kindle and Nook apps, as well as Instapaper and Scribd. Surprisingly, my Verbum Bible study app did not work so well, but I found a way to have it work properly. If the page turning in any app seems slow, you can fine tune this (and other features) in the Optimization window. You can adjust page refresh to suit your tastes.

Battery life appears to be on a par with my Nova. Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed helps. Remember that when you see claims that a Kindle (for example) will last for weeks, that estimate is based on a half hour of reading per day and WiFi off. Use the Note Air 2 similarly and your results won't be far off.

The eReader Store includes a protective cover with the Note Air 2. It fits well, and will put the device to sleep when closed and wake it up when opened. It looks and feels like a good quality cover.

The only component that could stand a quality improvement is the USB-C cable. It's okay, but not as reliable as a good quality cable you can get from any number of sources.

Overall, I am very pleased with this device and can recommend it without hesitation. As long as you know what an eInk device is all about, you'll find this one to be one of the best.


Nov 2, 2021
Wonderful device!
I've just updated myself from Note 2 to Note Air 2, and I can say the improvement, especially in note-taking, surprised me! The new pen and rough screen layer added to the device has made the writing experience with Note Air 2 as close as possible to writing on paper. The only drawback is that Note Air 2, unlike Note 2, does not have any fingerprint sensor. However, I don't think that's a vital capability in an E-reader. Android 11 and the new processor also have improved the performance significantly.

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