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The Boox Nova 3 Color is a brand new digital color note-taking device or E-Note from Onyx with  7.8"  E Ink Carta HD Caleido 2 Plus screen, Android 10 and Google Play. This device is ideal for comics, e-books, manga, newspapers, magazines, and PDF files. Comes with a free case + replacement tips for the stylus.

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Nice to have

Nova 2 / 3  Screen Protector
Nova 2 / 3 Screen Protector
Protective Cover Boox NOVA Series
Protective Cover Boox NOVA Series

Replacement Parts

BOOX Wacom Stylus Nibs
BOOX Wacom Stylus Nibs
Onyx Boox Pen (triangle, eraser)
Onyx Boox Pen (triangle, eraser)
Wacom Stylus
Wacom Stylus

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Nova3 Color FAQs

1. What is E Ink Screen?

The E-Ink screen is referred to as "Electronic Paper Display." It is a display technology that looks like paper with high visibility and contrast. It contains millions of black and white microcapsules and uses a positive or negative electric field to move them to the top. So they can form different texts and images visible to readers. E ink screen reflects the ambient light to the viewer's eyes to show better contrast in the sunlight; it doesn't emit light or blue light.

2. What is Print Color ePaper - E Ink Kaleido™?

Print Color ePaper, or E Ink Kaleido™, is one of E Ink Color Technologies. An E Ink Kaleido screen is based on a black&white E Ink screen, but it applies a Color Filter layer consisting of RGB regular pattern on the top. The new printed Color Filter Array (CFA) technology can reflect light in different colors.

3. What is Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)- E Ink Gallery™?

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™) is a high-quality, full-color reflective display.  In the ACeP™ system, the ink consisting of colored pigments can produce full color at every pixel to achieve a full-color gamut. It doesn't require a color filter array (CFA) as Kaleido™ does. However, ACeP™ can only support a low refresh rate currently. It is mainly used on digital signages, public information boards, menu boards and galleries.

4. What is E Ink new Kaleido™?

New E Ink Kaleido ™(Kaleido Plus) is the latest version (3rd generation) of the Kaleido™ technology. It uses a CFA (Color Filter Array) in a different printing color pattern, balancing color and printing texture up to three times better than the previous version.

5. What are the detailed differences between Kaleido™ and New Kaleido™?

The updated Kaleido screen (new Kaleido™) uses a different printing color pattern to balance color and printing texture. Its color performance is up to 3 times better than Kaleido™. Besides, new image rendering allows for crisper text. The new panel has an optimized color spectrum and minimized color blending from scattered light by using front lights and guides. All these improvements contribute to a better color and reading experience with the new 7.8" Kaleido.

6. Does BOOX Nova3 Color use a Kaleido™ screen or New Kaleido™ screen?

Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color uses a 7.8inch new Kaleido™ screen.

7. What screen sizes are available for the new Kaleido™ technology? Is there a large size new Kaleido™ screen?

Currently, E Ink only develops 7.8inch screens using the new Kaleido™ technology. And we're the first brand that applies it on a digital writing tablet with the Wacom layer that offers versatile reading and multitasking features.

8. What is the resolution of colorful content and b&w content on Nova3 Color?

The resolution of colors is 100 dpi, while the resolution of black and white content is 300 dpi.

9. How many colors can the Nova3 Color show?

Nova3 Color can display 4,096 (16*16*16) different hues in total.

10. What does the BOOX color algorithm specifically improve based on the new Kaleido™ color E Ink screen?

In the previous color e-paper generation, screen ghosting is severe, and the color is much more washed-out. Based on the latest new Kaleido™ screen, we improve screen ghosting, color brightness, and saturation, especially for the color E Ink display. Also, we initially create the Display Control mode for color eReaders and digital color tablets. Users can control the color contrast, saturation, and brightness separately to reach a favorable display effect.

11. Why is Nova3 Color eye-friendly?

Nova3 Color uses an electronic e-paper screen that doesn't emit light or blue light. Also, Nova3 Color uses photobiological safety lights as front lights placed in front of the E Ink screen and under the bezel. They light up the screen but don't shoot into users' eyes directly. When users use Nova3 Color for a long time for reading or note-taking, they won't feel much eye strain as they do with
LED/LCD screens.

12. How long can Nova3 Color's battery last on one charge?

Nova3 Color can last for up to 40 days on standby mode with neither internet and WIFI connection nor front lights.


Data sheet

197mm x 137mm x 7.7mm
E INK Carta HD and Kaleido Plus with Front Light. Screen Size: 7.8. B&W Display Resolution:1872×1404 PPI: 300. Color Resolution: 624×468 Color PPI: 100
WACOM Active Digitizer
Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Octa Core processor
RAM:3GB DDR4X. Internal Storage:32GB
USB-C OTG. Quick Charge 4.0, Bluetooth: 5.0, WIFI
Speakers, Bluetooth Audio, Microphone
3150 mAh

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