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Boyue Likebook Mimas

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The Boyue Likebook Mimas  represents the family of professional 10.3" sized powerful ereaders. Equipped with Octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM+16GB Storage, Open Android 6.0.1 and Google Play. Dual Touch and the front-lit display with color temperature system will make reading and working on the big screen even more delightful....
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Boyue Likebook Mimas

With the  10.3 "E Ink Mobius  Screen + Integrated Front Light with the light color selection system
Very sharp with the resolution of 1872x1404 pixels (227ppi) and high contrast. No glare or reflection. Energy efficient. Your eyes will thank you. Comfortable reading in strong sunlight as well as in dark ambient.
Some of the main advantages of the E-ink screen:

Lowest power consumption
High Resolution:
Electromagnetic (WACOM) and capacitive dual touch screen.

With the supplied stylus, you can draw on the screen just as you would draw and write notes in your PDF documents with a real pen.
WACOM digitizer ensures precise lines.
In addition, thanks to the capacitive layer, you can control the Likebook Mimas with your fingers like ordinary Tablet PC.

1.5 GHz octa-core processor

Latest high-performance octa-core processor enables even faster computation of complex rendering processes and makes working with your documents very comfortable.
Android 6.0.1 OS

Take advantage of the huge range of software offerings that are compatible with this operating system.
3.5 mm Audio Jack

For your music or text-to-speech function. Play music in the background, listen to your audiobooks.
High-speed WIFI + Bluetooth 4.1 + USB-C

Stronger WIFI antenna, more stable connection and faster download speed. Surf your favorite pages or upload files or ebooks quickly and conveniently. With integrated Bluetooth 4.1 technology, you can transfer your data without WIFI or use an external keyboard, pedals or audio devices. Efficient, fast, comfortable.
2GB RAM + 16G + TF Card support up to 128GB memory

2GB RAM + 16G storage + possibility to extend your memory via TF card - no more worries about memory. More apps, big files, everything you want on your device.
Multi-format support

Likebook Mimas supports all most common formats
other special formats can be supported with third-party applications.

Despite its size, it is still comfortable to handle  - both in the hands and in the bag.

Large capacity battery

With the 4700mAH lithium-polymer battery, you can achieve about 2-3 weeks of standby time.
The scope of delivery:
Likebook Mimas
Wacom Pen
Screen Protector
USB-C cable

As a promotional gift additionally we provide an active protective cover to each purchase of Mimas.
We explicitly point to the fact  - gifts are excluded from warranty or replacement claims.


Data sheet

191*262*8 mm
10.3 " E-ink HD Mobius Screen 1872x1404 Carta (227ppi) with Front Light color system
Dual (capacitive touch + Wacom)
RK3365 8-Core 1.5GHz
RAM 2GB LPDDR3 +16GB Storage + TF Card support
WiFi (802.11b/g/n) + Bluetooth 4.1 + USB-C
3.5 audio jack
4700mAh Polymer Li-on

Jul 8, 2019
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May 16, 2019
Very good product for my use
I bought this tablet 3 months ago now, and I use it every day since. My main uses are handwritten notes and annotation of pdf documents. I also use it as a reader to read pdf documents mainly and more rarely books in epub format.
Since the firmware release 1.02, the addition of the palm rejection option in the program used to annotate pdf files is a big plus (before this update, it was impossible to annotate a pdf correctly without being able to put your hand on the screen).
The battery has a very good autonomy for me, I charge the tablet every 15 days or so.
Very good purchase (for the price), which I recommend, and this is what I did with a colleague who now also owns another copy of this Likebook Mimas.


Apr 30, 2019
I love the Mimas
I have the remarkable which is great hardware. But I wanted android to so more things. And this is it love it.


Apr 9, 2019
Great Device and Service from the Store
Great experience overall. I got the device in 5 days.

I have a concern though, and wonder if this can be passed onto the makers of the device. I read PDFs mostly. Annotations all work. But the problem is with the dictionary within a PDF. Instead of selecting a whole word, the device selects a single letter, and so the dictionary lookup is never correct.
If this is not the right place for software concerns, kindly point me to the right forum. Thank you!


Mar 26, 2019
Replacing all paper, at last
About the shop: quick service, received the product within three days.
About the product: from the day I-ve been using computers (that was 25 years ago) I kept hearing about the end of the paper. Clearly, the tech wasn't still there. When e-ink appeared I knew it was now possible so I've been waiting for this for about ten years... e-ink tablets with note-taking began to ship about 5 years ago but the writing was still playing catch with your pen, the usability was not so good. Then there was this thing from Sony, the Remarkable, the Boox Note. But you could buy a LOT of paper, pencils, and erasers with the money they cost. You still can, but the 469€ price tag, with the sd-card slot and backlight, finally decided me to try it.
So what? The hardware looks good, it has good build quality. The tablet tends to pop out of the provided protective case if you hold it by one of the bottom corners, I'm concerned that someday I don't notice it and it falls down. Note-taking has a really good feel and can easily replace paper on a daily basis, with added benefits like unlimited undo, redo and special editing you can't do on paper. However, the software feels somewhat beta and rushed out: some basic features are missing, like copy-pasting part of a note, reordering pages. I couldn't find a way (yet) to add templates to the note-taking app. PDF annotation should feel just like the notes app. While the device is black and white, documents can be transferred to other devices so there is no reason to be unable to draw in color, but the only colors available are black and white. The translation is, at least, incomplete. There are blatant errors in English and French is terrible (I wanted French, but it made my eyes bleed so I got back to English). In short, the software could be made way better, but since there seem to be regular updates I hope for improvement and I do not remove stars. The only thing I am somewhat disappointed is battery life. I expected it to last about a week without wifi but using the note taking function seems to use quite some power. Turning on wifi literally drains the battery.
Thanks a lot for your positive review and feedback!
Concerning software - the product is very new on the market and the software will be definitely extended and improved. Some of the mentioned missing features are already available in last update ( like custom templates for Note app). All the requested features are already available in the more expensive Onyx products.
Concerning translation to other languages than English - it is indeed far away from perfection yet. We are working on it though and hope to provide a better translation (at least for some European languages) soon.

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Questions (21)

From Ralf Erdhütter | 2019-03-19 09:18:49

I received the Mimas yesterday and have a problem with the protective cover. It seems that the cover is slightly bend and does not keep the reader firmly in the case. Especially the right lower corner comes loose and does not have a firm grip in the cover. I tried various ways of inserting the reader into the cover since yesterday, but only to catch the reader falling out of the cover again and again.
Is there a "trick" to insert the reader properly?
Please help.
Thank you.


You are right. Covers for Boyue products are indeed designed too tightly. Please try to insert the right (outer) side first, then close the cover and try to lock the inner side in the cover holders be careful pressing.

From David Beavers | 2019-03-18 22:37:35

My wife is an autonomo here in Spain, that is, she has her own business and pays taxes as such. Here is is able to buy b2b without vat. What proof do you need to sell at the b2B price?


As an EU company, You can purchase tax-free in our store, if you have got a valid EU VAT ID. Please insert your Company name and VAT ID in the registration form. Your VAT ID will be checked automatically and if it is valid, the total amount of your order will be recalculated without tax. In case the validation doesn't work, just please contact us using the contact form and tell us your VAT ID. We will change your registered data manually, so you can place your orders VAT free.

From Roger Araújo | 2019-03-17 00:24:27

O aplicativo do google playstore já vem instalado e licenciado ou será preciso instalar e registrar?


Boyue products support PORTUGUÊS just on system level (apps are not translated yet)
Google Play Store can be easily enabled and you can install and use almost every supported app you want

From Gaetano Canepa | 2019-03-12 01:13:23

1) How can I add fonts?
2) How can I add more applications?
3) How can I install Gmail
4) How I remove the Chinese dictionary and install an English dictionary and an English-Italian dictionary


1) create a folder on the device’s main internal storage drive titled fonts (all lowercase). Then just add whatever font types you want to the folder and they will show up on the font list of the reading app
2) You can install them e.g. from Google Play. You need to enable it on Mimas first. Here is video instruction how to do it: https://youtu.be/CL0b9QcPaCQ
3) Gmail will also work after you enable Google Framework (see the previous question)
4) You are not forced to use the original reading app and also native dictionary on Mimas. E.g. I suggest to try Pocketbook app, Alreader app, etc.. There are lots of free dictionaries on Google Play. E.g. BlueDict, ColorDict etc. which support free dictionaries in Stardict format (available e.g. here http://download.huzheng.org/)

From Francisco | 2019-03-02 17:42:38

1. Es compatible con Kindle.
2. Es glassscren


1. The Kindle App can be installed and used on all our devices (including Mimas
2. Mimas has got a flexible screen with front light (no glass)

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