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ONYX BOOX MAX2PRO (BLACK) is a professional best equipped 13.3" E-ink reader with Carta flexible screen, WACOM + Finger dual touch control, 1.6GHz 4xCore Processor, Android 6.0, HDMI, built-in Mic, WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0, 4G RAM+64G ...

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Must Have

Wall Charger USB Adapter (Black)
Wall Charger USB Adapter (Black)
BOOX Marker Tips. Wacom Stylus Nibs
BOOX Marker Tips. Wacom Stylus Nibs
Onyx Boox Desk Stand
Onyx Boox Desk Stand

Replacement Parts

BOOX Marker Tips. Wacom Stylus Nibs
BOOX Marker Tips. Wacom Stylus Nibs
Wacom Stylus
Wacom Stylus
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ONYX BOOX MAX2PRO 4-64GB. BLACK.  Professional Series
With the huge 13.3 "E Ink Carta Flexible Screen
A really fantastic big screen with ambient light reflection. Very sharp with the resolution of 2200x1650 pixels and high contrast (15:1). No glare or reflection. Energy efficient. Your eyes will thank you. The best way to read your documents in original A4 or US Letter format. E-Ink screen uses only ambient light reflection. No flicker, no glare, no reflection, even in strong sunlight you will be able to read your documents easily.
Some of the main advantages of the Mobius screen:

Very light weight!

A 13.3 "EPD Mobius weighs just 63g, whereas an EPD screen made of glass  insame size would weigh a full 144g.

Lowest power consumption
An EINK Mobius screen has lowest power consumption level in the eReader industry. Unlike other technologies, an e-ink screen is bi-stable, which means that it does not need power to hold an image or text page.

High Resolution:
2200x1650 pixels
Grayscale: 16 stepsContrast: 15: 1
Electromagnetic (WACOM) and capacitive dual touch screen.

With the supplied stylus, you can draw on the screen just as you would draw and write notes in your PDF documents with a real pen.
WACOM digitizer ensures precise lines.
In addition, thanks to capacitive layer, you can control the Max2 with your fingers like ordinary Tablet PC.
Mechanical buttons

Four mechanical buttons: Menu, Back, Next Page and Previous Page.Very easy to use without touching the screen.
1.6 GHz quad-core processor

Latest high-performance quad-core processor enables even faster computation of complex rendering processes and makes working with your documents very comfortable.
Android 6.0.1 OS

Take advantage of the huge range of software offerings that are compatible with this operating system.
Attention! Google Play Store works on all our devices. In order to use it you just need to enable it
Click Settings-> Application and select the checkbox (Enable Google Play) to enable Google Play Framework. Then click on the CSF ID below to register this ID in your Goolge account. Sign in to your Google Account and just wait a few minutes for your device to be registered.
After that, you can find Play Store in your Applications, register and use Play Store as usual.
HDMI connection

The HDMI port implemented in this device allows you to connect your MAX2 PRO to a PC and use the device as a secondary monitor. So you can take care of your eyes additionally. Built-in
Speaker and microphone

For your music and voice recording. 3.5mm audio interface. Support text-to-speech function, playing music in the background, audio books.
High speed WIFI + Bluetooth 4.0

Stronger WIFI antenna, more stable connection and faster download speed. Surf your favorite pages or upload files or ebooks quickly and conveniently. With integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can transfer your data without WIFI or use an external keyboard, pedals or audio devices. Efficient, fast, comfortable.
4GB RAM + 64G memory

4GB RAM + 64G internal memory - no more worries about memory. More apps, big files, everything you want on your device.
Multi-format support

Onyx Boox MAX2PRO supports the most common formats:
JPG PNG BMP etc. image formats
MP3 WAV etc. audio formats
other special formats can be supported with third-party applications.

7.5 mm thin, 550g weight, despite its close to A4 size it is still comfortable to handle  - both in the hands and in the bag.

Large capacity battery

With the 4100mAH lithium-polymer battery, you can achieve about 4 weeks of standby time.
Onyx Boox MAX2PRO 64 GB, BLACK.
Wacom E/M Stylus
USB cable
micro HDMI to HDMI cable
Protective sleeve


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Questions (4)

From Matej Mihelič | 2019-09-05 11:44:06

Does the protective sleeve provide a good enough protection for everyday carrying in a backpack or would you recommend a cover for protection? If a cover is advised, do you carry any in the store?

Regards, Matej.


Dear Matej,

thanks a lot for your interest in our products!

The protective sleeve protects against scratches. However, it is soft and does not protect again bending or pressure of hard stuff (e.g. an apple in your backpack) against the screen.
At the moment we don't have alternative covers (like flip cover) in stock. For transportation, I would suggest using something more stable anyway. There are plenty of designs of cases/bags for 13" tablets on the market.

From Gábor Almási | 2019-08-31 14:22:54


I am thinking about buying this device from you. I want to use it for reading heavy pdf files (10-100 MB), and am wondering how fast it is to scroll down on a heavy file or to zoom into it? Is it possible to see a video of it?
Thank you in advance,



we have often tested our devices with bigger files (e.g. like scanned PDFs from archive.org up to 300MB) using our PDF reading software and there were no noticeable delays in comparison to regular size PDFs.
If you want us to take a video, please provide a sample file, we will test it for you and show you in a short video about how our devices handle it.

From txeni | 2019-08-27 18:03:45


Thinking of getting a max2 and I was wondering, what kind of warranty do the come with?
Is it a warranty with the manufacturer or with you guys?
How long does the warranty lasts?
Do you provide documentation with this warranty's details?



Hi. We offer two years of seller warranty for devices, purchased in our store.
The manufacturer also offers one year warranty, but just in an unlikely case we would be not reachable for your service requests.

From Björn Arnell | 2019-08-09 00:05:05

I was wondering if these Max 2 Pro are able to upgrade the firmware without problem? I have read on boox support page that quite a few was having trouble with the upgrade, and that it was specific to one custom made model or store , but I'm not sure where they have bought theirs.
Best wishes
Björn Arnell


There is no problem at all to update our products. Max2 Pro is also not an exemption. If you want we can prepare a Max2Pro and install latest update for you.

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