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Our first brief video review about most important features of Onyx Boox Max2

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In this video we are briefly reviewing following features:

- Home screen and android 6
- Google Play
- Library view modes and file search
- Storage organization. File manager
- Neo2 open and reading of different documents
- Navigation: using page turn buttons, click, progress bar, multiple page view, links, TOC - Working with multi document
- Improving of contrast in Neo 2

- Highlighting and comments
- Scribbled annotations:
- Side page annotations (new feature)
- Handwriting with Onyx Note app
- Dictionary in Neo 2
- Dictionary app
- Browsing experience

A little bit later I am going to record and upload a review about some other features, which I didn't reviewed yet:
- Using Max2 as a Monitor
- Export of annotations
- installing and using of good TTS apps
- Installation of Stardict dictionaries
- Adjustment and reading of complicated documents (like multicolumn, multi page per page etc.)
- Using Max 2 for music scores (sheet music) reading with a Bluetooth pedal

  We are also collecting requests here (like testing of particular apps or showing how Max2 handles heavy scanned PDFs and will record it ASAP.

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