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About Pre-orders.

In the event that a product offered in our store is not (yet) available, for some products we offer our customers the opportunity to place a pre-order.

Mostly it concerns the newly announced products, which are not yet produced fluently.

Such pre-orders help us to better estimate the interest in the new products, to order larger quantities and also to control corresponding production quantities.

Such a pre-order is risk-free for customers. If a customer changes his mind, he can cancel the pre-order at any time and his deposit will be refunded immediately.

However, our experience has shown that delivery delays may occur with new products. First and foremost in the phase of the intake process to mass production, unexpected disruptions or technical problems can not be ruled out. These can lead to shifts in planned delivery dates. We endeavor to offer only mature and qualitatively flawless products, which serve the customer well, even with long-term use.

Also, frequent contact requests regarding exact delivery dates of pre-ordered products can not always be processed and answered immediately, but cause a lot of additional effort in our customer service. We therefore ask all pre-orderers for more understanding and serenity, before sending such a request.

We try to offer optimal prices and services. Unfortunately, as a small business, we can not afford big hotlines and would instead invest more time and energy in technical support and product development.

After the delivery of the products in our warehouse, they will be displayed in our online store as “in stock”. Even if such a product is displayed as In Stock, please be aware that processing the possibly large number of pre-orders can cause some peak times and therefore longer processing times (a few days) are possible.

In order to process as quickly as possible, our shipping department prepares shipping documents and shipping labels for all pre-orders in advance so that tracking links are automatically sent by the shipping service software without actually collecting the packages from our warehouse. Please do not let that irritate you. We ask for some patience in such a situation. We do everything possible to ensure that the ordered products are delivered as soon as possible.

if you are unsure and can not or do not want to accept any likely waiting times, please do not place a pre-order.

We thank all our loyal supporters and pre-orderers!